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Frequently Asked Questions about Rochester Personal Injury Lawyers

Millions of Americans lack health insurance. Lacking coverage unintentionally discourages the uninsured from seeking necessary medical treatment. Getting the medical attention you need is always advised, and the decision to get care or not could affect your personal injury case.

Should I Hold Off on Treatment Because I Don’t Have Insurance?

After an injury, too often people won’t seek medical treatment because they want to avoid the medical bill costs. This is especially true for the uninsured, who have higher care costs than people who have health insurance.

However, you absolutely should go to a doctor as soon as possible after your injury occurs.

Why Should I Get Treatment?

Getting medical care for your injuries can prevent your injuries from becoming worse.

Additionally, if you win your personal injury case then your settlement may cover your past, present and/or future injury-related medical bills.

How Will Getting Treatment Help My Personal Injury Case?

By getting treatment soon after your accident, you will have reliable documentation of your injuries. This documentation can strengthen your case, as it works as evidence that you suffered injuries from your accident. Getting treated for your injuries also details how bad your injuries are, which could increase your settlement.

Understanding Key Terms

Settlement refers to the money you’ll receive if we win your case.

Uninsured or insured, in this case, refers to having or not having health insurance. Health insurance significantly reduces medical care costs. Although major health insurance reforms have occured, not all Americans have health insurance.

How Alexander & Catalano Can Help

Alexander & Catalano can use the fact that you were treated for injuries following your accident as evidence that you suffered significant injuries that you deserve compensation for. Although this evidence doesn’t guarantee you will win your case and a settlement, it does significantly help.

Alexander & Catalano injury attorneys have a long success record in personal injury cases, and our experienced team of lawyers will let you focus on getting better while we fight to try to win you a settlement for your injuries.

Contact us today to pursue a personal injury case that could result in a settlement that pays for your medical bills and other expenses.

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