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Should I Call the Police After a Minor Collision?

Minor accidents can cause serious, long term injuries, even if the injuries aren’t immediately apparent. Because of this, here's how you should handle a minor collision as it relates to involving the police.

To Call or Not to Call

It's highly advisable that you call the police following a minor collision. In every necessary situation, it’s best to call the police.

Benefits of Calling the Police

Seemingly minor accidents can cause serious injuries. For example, if your vehicle is hit from behind then the sudden whiplash movement of the neck or back can cause unexpected injuries that can become worse as time goes on. This matters because if you call, then the police will create a report and an investigation in to who's at fault. This report and investigation creates an official record of the incident. This official record can strengthen your case, which could ultimately increase your settlement.

When You Must Call the Police

Depending on the situation, you may be legally required to call the police following an accident. If the accident caused more than $1,000 in damage, then you must call the police. However, it's difficult to determine how much damages are worth at the time of the accident. Because of this, as a precaution and to protect yourself from potential legal issues, you should always call the police after an automotive accident.

How We Can Help

Calling the police is important because it can provide information that could change the fate of your case in your favor. Alexander & Catalano injury attorneys will use this police-provided information to strengthen your case.

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